Talking Gender 

Exploring gender, identity and representation


This year we are running a special thematic version of Digital Surgeries to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of when some women got the vote. We want young people to be able to join the national conversation around a variety of issues relating to gender, identity and representation and ensure that their voices are heard in this important dialogue.

We want to ensure that this historic moment can create tangible changes that affect the future as well as reflecting the past.  In the context of recent revelations about the scale of sexual harassment in society and discussions around transgender rights, there has never been a more important time for young people to think critically and engage with their elected representatives on issues of gender.  





Our resources

Schools will have access to a total of eight hours of teaching resources designed to support their students and they can pick the workshops that work for them. We have aligned some workshops with A Level Government and Politics, GCSE Citizenship and GCSE History so they can support you to deliver your schemes of work. All of our workshops are being co-designed with teachers, activists, politicians and academics to make sure they are accurate, informative and engaging. 

Schools will deliver two out of the eight hours, along with our special one-hour prep workshop to prepare your students for their Digital Surgery. We will then arrange for each class to have a Digital Surgery with a local, national or regional politician and spend at least half of the 40 minute conversation discussing gender and representation. 

This programme is completely free for schools.

Workshop titles: 

We will support schools to run workshops on a range of issues relating to gender, identity and participation including: 

- Gender and feminist theory

- #Metoo and consent

- Westminster Represent? - How to make the House of Commons more equal

- How to solve the gender pay gap