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Citizens Advice  |  Young people's rights

Effort level: 5/10  |  A Citizens Advice website on young people's rights in the UK. Provides information on topics from debt, money and immigration. It also provides a basic legal information and access to further help on any of these subjects.

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Amnesty International  |  Eight reasons the Human Rights Act Makes the UK a better place

Effort Level: 5/10  |  This listicle from Amnesty International has eight clear reasons why the UK is a better place to live because of the Human Rights Act. It has real examples to accompany each of these points.


Benedetta Berti  |  What are universal human rights? 

Effort Level: 2/10  |  Length: 4.46 minutes |  A TED-ed talk by a rights expert on universal rights,  who decides them and who enforces them. This video explores the subtleties of the practical side of rights. 

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Just Rights  |  Make our rights reality

Effort Level: 6/10  |  A leaflet containing a manifesto created by young people to make sure their rights are treated with parity by law-makers in the UK. It also educates the reader on their rights and how to defend them. Full of clear infographics and aimed at young people.

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Samaritan Mag  |  30 Basic Human Rights

Effort Level: 4/10  |  This provides a list of 30 basic human rights as well as a brief explanation of each in a digestible form.

B my voice  |  Young people's rights

Effort Level: 6/10  |  Clear and concise information on the rights of a young person in the UK, divided into topics such as 'keeping safe' and 'sex'. It also has a full section on the rights around education. This site includes links to many other resources and information.


Rights Info  |  Human Rights Explained

Effort Level: 2/10  |  Length: 2.08 minutes |  A brief animated explanation of human rights and their history.

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The Guardian  |  The case against human rights

Effort Level: 7/10  |  This helps to provide a counterpoint to most other literature on this subject, as it takes a stand against human rights and offers alternatives. This article is also available as a podcast.

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British Institute of Human Rights  |  Young people: how our Human Rights Act works for you

Effort Level: 2/10  |  Length 2.28 minutes | A video aimed at young people that explains in detail the history and purpose of the Human Rights Act.


Equality and Human Rights Commission  |  What are human rights? 

Effort Level: 6/10  | This site has clear explanation of human rights from a UK perspective. There is also an embedded video that explains the rights we have.