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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie  |  The danger of a single story

Effort Level: 4/10  |  Length 18.49 minutes | In this TED talk Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie explores the 'danger of a single story' and considers the misconceptions that we often have about people from different countries and cultures. Packed with personal examples this talk is great for starting classroom discussions.


TV2  |  All that we share

Effort Level: 2/10  |  Length 3.00 minutes | This is an advert from TV2 that questions the "boxes" we place each other in by finding common ground between a group of diverse Danes. The video is also a template for an activity that might be adapted for a classroom or a year group to start a conversation about difference and diversity.

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BBC  |  Do young people feel British? 

Effort Level: 3/10  |  A Newsbeat article from Anthony Baxter exploring the extent to which young people feel British. A useful source for teachers discussing British values and identity with students.  


Grayson Perry  |  All man clip

Effort Level: 3/10  |  Length 4.04 minutes  | British artist Grayson Perry has made several TV programmes with Channel 4 that explore different aspects of identity. This clip is from "All Man" his series looking at changing views on masculinity. Clips from another series, "Who are you?" might also be useful.

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Autograph  |  Album: Exploring Identity though photography

This is a collection of photographs from young people who have used photography to explore their identity. Click "Download Catalogue" at the bottom of the first page. 

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Manchester Evening News  |  Greater Manchester Accent Map

Effort Level: 3/10  |  A Greater Manchester-specific resource from the Manchester Evening News that explores the relationship between identity, accents and social class. This article also includes a variety of other links on a similar theme.

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BBC  |  Class Calculator 

Effort Level: 4/10  |  A collaboration between leading academics and the BBC, this "class calculator" works out what social class you are. Can be useful to stimulate discussions about which indicators make up social class and how the term has evolved over time.

NatCen Research  |  British Social Attitudes

Effort Level: 8/10  |  The British Social Attitudes Survey has taken place each year since 1983 and tracks British opinion on a wide range of issues. This site contains lots of infographics and information and can be useful if you are exploring a particular issue with students.    

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Joy DeGruy  |  A Trip to the Grocery Store

Effort Level: 3/10  |  Length 3.56 minutes | In this video Joy DeGruy tells her story of everyday discrimination and the impact of someone stepping in to help. A great resource to start conversations about self awareness and personal responsibility in relation to discrimination.