The Political System

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Parliamentary Education Services  |  How the General Election works in nearly 60 seconds

A fun and speedy guide to how the UK General Election works, voiced by Rick Edwards. 

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Association for Citizenship Teaching  |  The Electoral System and Political Parties

This topic guide includes an overview of key concepts to address together with practical teaching suggestions and links to resources from Parliament Education Service, the Hansard Society, Bite the Ballot and the English Speaking Union.

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Parliamentary Education Service |  Primary 2017 General Election Assembly  

Explore what will happen before, during and after the General Election with pupils using this short presentation.Ideal to use as a class or in a school assembly in the run up to the 2017 General Election.

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Shout Out UK  |  Mock Election 

This pack includes everything you need to set up a mock election or Student Council election in your school. The pack includes 1-page overviews, ballot papers and a debate format inspired by Shout Out UK's Channel 4 Youth Leaders’ Debate which aired on All 4 on the 28th of April 2015.

Age Range: 11+

Length:  Slide Show - 20 Minutes  |  Youth Leaders' Debate - 1hour

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Votes for Schools  |  Mock Election

VotesforSchools have designed a mock election pack, giving schools everything they need to run their own exciting General Election. The resource pack gives schools two lessons - with all the presentations and resources to empower any teacher to deliver an informative and fun mock election. They have also provided a results generator! The results generator allows schools to log their results and be able to keep them, share them and compare them with the national result. 

Age Range: 11+

Length: 2 lessons,  45 minutes 

Lesson Plans  |  Powerpoint  |  Results Generator  |  In-Class Resources


Symmetry Creative  |  Put your X where your mouth is

The film clarifies how government structures work and how by voting for an MP or Councillor you are enabling yourself to be represented in local and national decision making, reminding us that if we want our say on how our communities are run...Put your x where your mouth is and VOTE!

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Parliamentary Education Service  |  Election Toolkit

Run a mock election with the Election Toolkit, a fun and flexible resource to enable teachers and students to get their own election up off the ground. The kit includes everything you will need to get started including a ballot box, polling station poster, party rosettes, electoral registers, poll cards and a handy instructional poster and PowerPoint to keep you on track.

Age Range: 11+


Simple Politics  |  How does a General Election Work? 

This video provides a quick overview of how a UK General Election works. 


Association for Citizenship Teaching  |  ACT Journal

This is the ACT "elections" journal . Articles consider teaching strategies, such as mock elections, debates and political dropdown days. Other contributions include research on voting patterns and motivation.

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Votes for Schools  |  General Election Assembly

 This assembly provides schools with an overview of the 2017 General Election. It can be used in conjunction with the Votes for Schools resources below: 

Age Range: 11+

Length:  15 minutes


The People's History Museum  |  Election! Exhibition Resources

The Learning Team worked with Matthew Hallsworth to create a selection of self-led activity packs to be used by primary and secondary school groups and community and adult groups when they visited the Election! exhibition.

Please note that users will need to make changes to the resources as the exhibition is no longer on display.


Democracy Matters  |  How to make the most of Parliament

This guide was written by Democracy Matters to support schools and young people to understand and influence Parliament. 



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The Politics Project  |  Candidate Map

This Candidate Map helps students to explore the role of specific candidates in any election. Depending of the ability of the students there are guidance sheets to support students to fill in the information. Extension activities are included in the teacher guidance.  

Printing Guidance: Candidate Mapping sheet - A3, Fill-in Guidance A4. 

Age Range: 11+

Length: 20 minutes

Teacher Guidance  |  Candidate map worksheet  | Guidance sheet for students

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Ordnance Survey  |  Election Maps

This tool from Odnance Survey helps people to see where their constituency boundaries are. Enter a place or postcode to see where the boundaries lie in that area. You can then click through to information about your MP or statistical information about your local area. 

mySociety  |  Election Tools

MySociety are behind a number of websites which can be used to learn about your elected representatives. - Find out who all your candidates are in upcoming elections. - Find out who currently represents you and how you can contact them. This site provides an excellent oversight of the differences between levels of government. - Find out information about your local MP including how they voted in parliament, what their attendance was and what they care about. 



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Shout Out UK | Politics Explained

A series of videos breaking down aspects of politics from Article 50 to the gender pay gap.

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Bite the Ballot | The Basics

The Basics is an experiential learning game that looks at three areas: the power of participation; teamwork and managing money; and challenging common misconceptions. The video can be used to help facilitate the workshops. 

Age Range: 11+

Length: One Hour


Shout Out UK | Exclusive interviews

A series of interviews by Shout Out UK with a variety of people from Russell Brand to Peter Hitchens.

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Voting Counts  |  Policy Matrix

This General Election Policy Matrix allows voters to compare the top party policies in a number of policy areas. The matrix proved to be popular in the 2015 election, and Voting Counts hopes to build upon this success over the 2017 General Election period.

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I side with  | 2017 election quiz

The "I side with" quiz is a Voter Advice Application designed to help you discover which parties your views are most aligned with. We are unable to verify that this quiz is neutral.  


Voter Registration

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Association for Citizenship Teaching  |  Election 2017

This Powerpoint  provides a set of slides with key information about the General Election, MPs, constituencies, how to vote, how to register to vote.

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Voting Counts  |  Why Vote

A comprehensive list of reasons why young people should get involved in politics and vote. 



Pentagram  |  Give an X

This short video from Pentagram puts forward a case for young people to "give and X" and vote in elections. 

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The Cabinet Office  |  Rock Enrol!

Rock Enrol! is a series of resources commissioned by the Cabinet Office in 2013 to encourage democratic engagement and voter registration. It includes lesson plans, posters and specific support for those with learning difficulties. 

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AGIA  |  Design for Democracy

Every four years American Institute of Graphic Arts and the League of Women Voters invite members to create nonpartisan posters and videos to inspire the American public to vote. Below are some of our favourites, from 2008, 2012 and 2016.


Keeping Up

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Full Fact  |  The Full Fact Toolkit

This toolkit supports schools to educate students about spotting "fake news" and critically engaging with current affairs. 

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mySociety |  A beginners guide to the UK general election

This guide provides an overview of the 2017 General Election for a first time voter through answering a series of Frequently Asked Questions.

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The Telegraph |  Poll and Odds Tracker

This page tracks the national polls from the 2017 General Election. This page also allows voters to look at the betting odds of candidates and look at how safe particular seats are. 

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The Guardian |  Poll Tracker

The poll tracker allows you to view every national poll and view the changes over time. 


BBC |  Party Election Broadcasts

The Party Political Broadcasts for the 2017 election.

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