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Where do you stand?

Effort Level: 5/10  |  This article looks at the problems regional devolution has faced across the UK and examines the reasons that the East Anglia deal has stalled/failed. It provides context on regional devolution beyond Greater Manchester and examines the future of devolution under Theresa May.   

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Mega Megaphone

Effort Level: 3/10  |  This is a resources toolkit from the Local Government Association. It contains a variety of short animations that explain key aspects of devolution along with "Don't be left in the dark" which gives a clear overview of the concept of devolution.

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The Lego game

Effort Level: 6/10  |  These Frequently Asked Questions from Centre for Cities provide clear information on key questions about metro mayors and devolution. These resources cover the whole of the UK and have graphics that are useful to explain the different deals.