Manchester Evening News  |  An idiot's guide to devolution

Effort Level: 3/10  |  This guide has been put together by Jennifer Williams from the Manchester Evening News and explains key devolution issues clearly. 


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The Economist  |  Reaching a dead end

Effort Level: 5/10  |  This article looks at the problems regional devolution has faced across the UK and examines the reasons that the East Anglia deal has stalled/failed. It provides context on regional devolution beyond Greater Manchester and examines the future of devolution under Theresa May.   

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Local Government Association  |  What is devolution?

Effort Level: 3/10  |  This is a resources toolkit from the Local Government Association. It contains a variety of short animations that explain key aspects of devolution along with "Don't be left in the dark" which gives a clear overview of the concept of devolution.

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Centre for Cities  |  Everything you need to know about metro mayors: an FAQ

Effort Level: 6/10  |  These Frequently Asked Questions from Centre for Cities provide clear information on key questions about metro mayors and devolution. These resources cover the whole of the UK and have graphics that are useful to explain the different deals.

Local Government Information Unit (LGiU)  |Devolution: a road map

Effort Level: 9/10  |  This report details the justification for devolution. It also contains some useful infographics that explain the devolution process. 

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BBC  |  Yes, Prime Minister clip

Effort Level: 2/10  |  Length: 2.44 minutes  |  This clip from BBC show Yes, Prime Minister satirises what many perceive to be the Westminster view of local/regional government in a conversation between two civil servants. As the show was made in 1986 this clip is now quite dated but the content is still relevant.

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Greater Manchester Combined Authority  |  Members' Resources

Effort Level: 4/10  |  These resources have been created by the Campaign Company to assist elected members across Greater Manchester to discuss devolution with constituents. Highlights include the infographics and the timeline which provide an accessible overview of key aspects of the process. 

Devo Connect  |  Views and News

Effort Level: 8/10  |  This site provides opinions and views on devolution, the interactive map is particularly useful. For those looking to keep up-to-date with devolution news @DevoConnectis worth following on Twitter.

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Manchester Urban Institute  |  Is DevoManc a chance for a fairer city?

Effort Level: 2/10  |  Length 1.59 minutes | This short animation from the Manchester Urban Institute looks at how the devolution deal can tackle inequality across Greater Manchester.